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Shippers make carbon savings

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A report has showcased creative ways to reduce carbon emissions and make energy efficiencies in the supply chain.

The US campaign group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has studied how products are shipped and found examples of companies who are shipping goods in a more environmentally friendly and cheaper way.

The Smart Moves report found that the locality of manufacture, storage, packaging and transportation has an effect on the carbon efficiency of the product and the company. The report also calculated that global freight transportation and distribution accounts for nearly three billion metric tons of carbon emissions.

Many firms are looking to become more efficient because of environmental commitments but also because of rising fuel costs.

Highlights from the report include company case studies such as Nike and HP, which both decided to transport products by ship instead of by air.

Another example of good practice includes competitor companies collaborating to distribute stock. Last year, Hershey’s and Ferrero announced plans to join forces on warehousing, transportation and distribution in North America.

The report also presented companies making the most of cargo space by optimising packaging design.

ExxonMobil recently reported that freight transport is also expected to rise globally by 45%, so it is important to think very seriously about reducing carbon.

The author of the Smart Moves report, Jason Mathers, posted a blog on the EDF’s website, saying that a 45% growth in emissions from freight “is simply not sustainable”. He added that if companies think about the rise in the cost of fuel and road congestion, it should make them act on improving freight efficiency.

Making freight and transportation more energy efficient is one important step in reducing emissions, but everyone has the chance to make a change. Blue & Green Tomorrow recommends Good Energy, the only electricity provider in the UK that offers 100% renewable energy.

Picture source: Herman Yung

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