Blackrock launches major impact investment fund

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The world’s largest asset manager has launched the BlackRock Strategic Funds Impact World Equity Fund. The fund is aimed at investors who wanted to secure “measurable social and environmental outcomes while generating competitive financial returns.” The company hopes the fund will help challenge perceptions that green investing remains a “nice” concern.

In a statement Deborah Winshel, managing director and global head of impact investing at BlackRock said: “Demographic shifts, stakeholder advocacy, and government regulation are combining to create unprecedented demand for sustainable and impact investment solutions.”

“Impact investing enables investors to do more with their money than simply achieving a financial return. Through transparent measurement and outcome reporting, impact investing allows investors to better understand how their money is being put to work.”

Independent SRI Consultant John Fleetwood of 3D Investing said: “Its very positive to see a manager like Blackrock launch a fund that combines some negative screening with a focus on social and environmental impacts.  The proof will be in the pudding.  At this stage, no holdings are published which is surprising given the stated commitment to transparent reporting.”

Today, Larry Fink, BlackRock’s chief executive warned that financial market volatility will continue until the Federal Reserve clarifies monetary policy.