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Climate change education: get ’em while they’re young

Climate change education: get ’em while they’re young

Jamaican minister of education, Ronald Thwaites, has hinted that climate change could be taught to primary school children from this September, according to the Jamaica Observer.

If we ingrain the habits of conservation and responsible environmental behaviour at the earlier stages of education, then they will be carried over, they will be infectious into the other levels of the school and the population as a whole“, Thwaites said.

It’s a clever tactic. Climate change sceptics or deniers are not helping to solve one of the biggest environmental problems of our generations. Instead, they’re doing their best to stall solutions.

As Jules Pretty told us, though, “Because of the weight of evidence, anyone who’s spent a bit of time looking at [climate change] has to say it is occurring and it is anthropogenic.” Therefore, it’s essential that we teach it to our children from an early age.

Nature Climate Change piece backs this up. They published a somewhat alarming article last month called Schools of thought. Although it’s behind a paywall, you can still view two of the charts for free.

One shows that fewer US citizens accept global warming now than five years ago, and the other shows that of those that do accept the scientific consensus, less than half correctly attribute the burning of fossil fuels to the main cause of it.

If only more governments were as forward-thinking as Jamaica’s… “Once you go, you know”.

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