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Robotic fish to monitor sea pollution

Robotic fish to monitor sea pollution

Scientists have developed a robotic fish that will be able to hunt down contamination in water.

In the shallow waters of Gijon Harbour in Northern Spain, the yellow, carbon fibre and metal fish feeds information back to the shore when it comes across any unwanted pollutant.

The fish, developed by scientists at the research division of BMT Group and part of the Shoal Consortium ,a European Commission-funded group, take samples from the water and constantly checks for pollution.

To sense the contaminants in the water, the fish use micro-electrode displays to detect heavy metals such as copper and lead, monitor oxygen levels and identify dangerous chemicals.

Measuring about 1.5 metres long, the they mimis the movements of real-life fish after the inspiration for the design came from nature itself.

We may have to wait awhile for the robotic fish to become a permanent fixture in our waters, though, as they currently cost around £20,000 each and require eight hours of charging every night.

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