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Shell asks people to suggest ad slogans. Plan backfires…

Shell asks people to suggest ad slogans. Plan backfires…

Imagine the conversation:

Shell marketing director: We need a way of engaging with the public!

Shell marketing manager: How about an online ad campaign that gets people to suggest slogans?

Shell marketing director: But won’t that just get abused by pesky environmentalists and internet trolls?

Shell marketing manager: Definitely not, no.

Shell marketing director: Fine, great idea. Let’s run it!

At first glance, it looks as though the oil giant’s latest attempt to reach out to the public appears to have failed miserably. Instead of attracting carefully-thought-out, inventive and usable slogans for an ad contest, it has seemingly attracted countless carefully-thought-out, inventive but certainly not usable ones.

But alas, it’s not a failed marketing ploy, but a cleverly designed attack from Greenpeace.

We’re not complaining though. Some of the suggestions are pure genius. Some are painfully true. Some of them had us in stitches. And here’s some of our favourites…

Why not have a go yourself? We’d love to see your suggestions!

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