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The only way is up…

The only way is up…

Chris Anderson, founder of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), has responded to claims that the world’s population will rise to 10 billion within the next 70 years, with a towering proposal for modern urbanisation.

Along with statistics that 1m people a week are moving to cities, he claims that to achieve the ultimate sustainable economy, we must lose the family car, have less kids and move into high-rise apartments.

“I think urbanisation is going to save humanity”, he claimed.

This week, Anderson’s Sydney audience were met with visions of at least two thirds of the population living in cities, allowing forests to regrow where settlements once were.

Anderson appealed to developing nations to aspire to the smaller living space of the ideal sustainable city and spotlighted New York for its walking, cycling, low-carbon example.

“If they pick suburbia, big houses, lives built around driving a car, we’re screwed”, he said.

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