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DECC confirms only 4 of 38,000 green deal assessments turned into installations



Only four households have installed energy efficiency measures through the green deal, according to new statistics, with the UK Green Building Council urging the government not to allow the scheme to fail.

Although more than 38,000 green deal assessments have been requested since the beginning of 2013, only less than a handful actually reached the final stage of installation.

Energy minister Greg Barker said, “The green deal is an ambitious and uniquely long-term programme designed to upgrade the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes. It’s only just getting started, but the early signs are encouraging.”

He added, “38,259 green deal assessments is also a clear sign that many consumers genuinely want to make their homes more efficient; but we are keen to do more.”

Barker said that more than 70% of people who received a Green Deal Advice Report, which followed an assessment, were thinking about getting energy saving tools installed and that this was a great sign.

He went on to say, “Getting software systems running and finance into place for green deal plans to be signed has taken time, so the numbers here are lower.

“The very first wave of green deal finance providers have only just got their individual finance terms and conditions in place and gone live with their software systems that operate this whole new product.”

“It will take time as this brand new market finds its legs, but I now expect the number of plans signed to start steadily rising.

However, membership organisation the Green Building Council (GBC) is worried that the green deal scheme might fail. It has called on all political parties to make major efforts in improving the system.

Paul King, chief executive of GBC, said, “It is obviously disappointing that more green deal assessments have not been turned into finance plans, and it shows just how crucial additional incentives are to drive take up. 

But we simply cannot let this fail – retrofitting the UK’s housing stock is too important for reducing energy bills, improving health, creating jobs in the construction sector and avoiding costs of new generating capacity – and no one has a credible alternative.”

The GBC, together with other bodies, has written a letter to the government, indicating some key measures that would help integrate the green deal.

King added, “Business leaders are saying loud and clear that we need to forge a new consensus between politicians of all parties, the private sector and the public around retrofit, to depoliticise something that simply has to be done. It will require some tough choices, but it is absolutely in the public and nation’s best interest to address this as a matter of urgency. 

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