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Dr Martin Wilderer Steps Up as EQi CEO



Dr Martin Z. Wilderer is just over a week into his new role of Chief Executive Officer for EQi, The Environmental Quality Intelligence Group. Dr Wilderer, who is experienced in growth change and change management projects, was previously EQi’s Chief Operating Officer. It is EQi’s purpose to turn sustainability data into competitive edge and they say Dr Wilderer has been vital in developing its business and product strategies.

Founder and Executive Chairman, Steve Burt, said: “I am very pleased to see EQi going through its growth stages with a new dynamic leadership team taking my original vision forward. I am very pleased to hand over the CEO role to Martin; he has demonstrated astute judgment and operating processes.  Martin brings the growth leadership and business style to exploit our proven and validated technology. He is the person to leverage our previous success into exponential growth.”

Martin Wilderer said: “Ever since I have come across EQi, I was thrilled and excited of what Steve and the team have built. Within the dynamic and volatile business environment of the 21st century, using sustainability data to create business intelligence provides enormous potential to provide new dimensions of visibility into the risks and opportunities of a company within its boundaries as well as the entire value chain”. 

“EQi has an enormous backbone to aggregate and correlate data from multiple sources within and outside of a company. We are creating a sustainability intelligence exchange, which matches no other. Truly, managing the future today.”