Introducing: The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012 (NEIW edition)



Welcome to Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to Sustainable Investment – written and published especially to coincide with National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) 2012.

Now into its fifth year, the event serves as a focal point for proponents of this enlightened investment sector, and we’re genuinely delighted to do our bit in making a difference.

We’ve managed to secure some of the sustainable investment sector’s biggest names, including James Gifford, Penny Shepherd and Raj Thamotheram, and it’s their inspirational words that we hope will encourage you to invest sustainably.

We urge you to open your mind and join the sustainable investment movement early. It’s a journey of discovery with infinite tickets available; but the best seats, as always, are at the front.

Click here to download the Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012 (NEIW Edition) (10.5MB file).

On the go? Download the mobile version (5MB file).

This is the fifth report in our 2012 Guide to… series, in which have already covered sustainable bankingsustainable investmentsustainable tourism and limitless clean energy.


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