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Good Energy Delivers 7.2% Gas Price Cut for Customers



Renewable electricity company Good Energy has announced it is to cut its gas price for its customers with effect from April 1st. Good Energy will lower its gas price by an average of 7.2%.  For the average dual fuel user, this means a saving of £42 off their annual bill – beating the £32 average saving that the ‘Big Six’ are offering through their gas-only price reductions.

The reduction applies to standard variable tariff customers and not to customers on a fixed tariff.

The independent energy supplier, renowned for its consistently high rankings in customer satisfaction surveys, gets all of its electricity from renewable sources.

Good Energy founder and Chief Executive Juliet Davenport said: “Our gas price drop beats all the reductions recently announced by the so-called ‘big 6’ energy companies.

“Wholesale market prices have been falling and it’s right that our prices for customers should reflect this.

“This latest drop means our average dual fuel bill is the lowest it has been for at least the last three years, and our gas prices are the lowest they’ve ever been.”

The Wiltshire-based firm is a favourite for people in search of good customer service, and is the only UK energy supplier to have achieved a Which? Customer Satisfaction Score of 81% or better for five years in a row.


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