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Good money, great for the environment: Triodos Renewables makes ethical investment easy



In celebration of Good Money Week from 18th – 24th October, Triodos Renewables is making it easier than ever to see the good your money can do. Good Money Week is a nationwide campaign which actively looks to inform investors of the sustainable and ethical options that are out there.

Triodos Renewables, a Bristol-based renewable energy business, believe that when it comes to climate change, putting your money where your mouth is, is key. Their shareholders’ investments deliver renewable energy projects around the UK sharing Good Money Week’s core value – to make it easy to see what your money can do.

They’ve now made it even easier to find out what offsetting CO2e means in real terms with their brand new online tool, the Impact Calculator. The calculator is designed to take the abstract out of investment in renewables, instead giving a clear picture of the difference your money makes.

For example, the average UK household’s annual carbon footprint is 20.7 tonnes. Using the Impact Calculator, you can work out how to offset this, and what that means in terms of renewable energy generation. Offsetting 20 tonnes would see 43,272 kilowatt hours of renewable energy generated. The calculator also gives you information on how many shares represent this reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Triodos Renewables hopes the new tool will help inform investors and show them the tangible benefits their investments have. Matthew Clayton, Executive Director of Triodos Renewables comments: “Many of our shareholders invest in Triodos Renewables because they want to leave a legacy of environmental good – and contribute to the shift towards a sustainable energy system. Our new Impact Calculator makes it easy for anyone to see what their money can do, and the world of good their investments can make.”

Find out how much clean, green energy you could create over on the Impact Calculator here.