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Wales’ first full-scale tidal energy device unveiled



Ahead of its installation in Welsh waters, a tidal energy device developed in Cardiff was unveiled on Thursday. The device will help Wales produce clean and predictable energy in order to meet its low-carbon energy generation goals.

Tidal Energy Ltd’s DeltaStream device is the first private marine project to be fully developed in Wales. The company secured all the required planning and environmental consents together with a lease agreement from The Crown Estate.

Last month, The Crown Estate announced five new wave and tidal zones, which can be sub-let by locally-based commercial organisations, delivering a major boost to the tidal industry.

The DeltaStream will be amongst the world’s first demonstration devices to generate green and sustainable energy from the predictable power source of the tides. The device is set to be installed in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire.

Martin Murphy, managing director of Tidal Energy Ltd, said, “This is a significant milestone for us as a company and for the industry as a whole. We have achieved a numbers of firsts with this project, including those relating to the environmental consent, the grid connection and the installation process – where the turbine and foundation are installed together.”

The project was funded by EU funds worth £8 million delivered through the Welsh government to be invested in the project, with match funding from majority shareholder, Welsh renewable energy company, Eco2 Ltd.

Commenting on the project, Carwyn Jones, first minister for Wales, said, “I’m delighted that Wales’ first full scale tidal stream energy generator has been supported with almost £8 million from the European Regional Development Fund.

“This is a landmark project for Wales, which will not only help us meet our sustainable energy ambitions, but will also provide significant opportunities for local people and businesses.”

Photo: Tidal Energy Ltd

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