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WWF response to CCC report on investor confidence in the UK energy sector



Responding to the Energy and Climate Change committee’s report Investor confidence in the UK energy sector,

Emma Pinchbeck, Head of Climate and Energy at WWF-UK said: “As its participation in the recent Paris Agreement indicates, the government knows that climate change poses a huge challenge to our prosperity. Investors also realise that green growth is the future, and are looking to move their money.

“Unfortunately, energy policy has been incoherent over recent months, and there’s little doubt that the Treasury has acted as a brake on progress. The Select Committee highlighted a lack of transparency about the future of renewables financing as one of many areas of confusion.

“This year, Ministers should send a stronger signal to private investors and the wider public by setting an ambitious fifth carbon budget, consulting industry experts on their new carbon plan, and putting the UK in the forefront of the green industrial revolution the world needs to see in the coming decades.”