5 Ways Your Business Can Support the Green Movement



For as much emphasis as there is these days on green behaviors and the environmental movement so far as personal consumption goes, there are just as many ways to make an impact from a business level as well, perhaps even more so! If you’re a manager of a business, or even have some say in overall operations, there’s a good chance that with a few basic changes in focus, a lot can get accomplished in this direction.

Consider the following five ways specifically that you can move your business matters in a greener direction, including using green construction companies, promoting green employee behavior, using green landscaping techniques, making energy use numbers transparent, and keeping up on environmental news and reviews.

Use Green Construction Companies

If your business is physically expanding, or perhaps there’s some need of major building or repair in or around your building, using construction companies with environmental certification is going to go a long way to doing your part for the green movement. There’s enough hard data these days about what types of construction materials, paint, equipment, and even building techniques that companies that are transparent about the fact that they want to operate in a sustainable and low-runoff manner can be found with a quick search.

Promote Green Employee Behavior

Within your company, you can promote green employee behavior in a number of ways as well. Having plenty of recycling bins around. Suggest that employees turn off lights in unused rooms. If there’s any sort of option between doing something an energy efficient was vs. doing it in a wasteful way, have some sort of public notices up to suggest the environmental way. You might even include green behavior as part of an employee of the month type of a concept.

Use Green Landscaping Techniques

There’s a huge amount of wasted resources and energy on certain types of landscaping. If there’s any way to plant grass, trees, shrubs and other living things that are native to an area, that require less water to keep up, or help with the local natural habitat, always lean toward those possibilities. Ideas can even including things like planting certain types of flowers that bees or birds are attracted to, for instance!

Make Energy Use Numbers Transparent

A big part of being green is just understand where waste occurs in the first place. This might be energy use, water use, gas or oil use, or wasted heating or cooling energy. The more you know about these numbers, the better you can adjust settings internally in order to find the best balance between comfort and environmentalism.

Keep Up On Environmental News and Reviews

And finally, as a business owner, if you read green headlines every once in awhile to see what is going on in the world at large, from new lighting systems, to more efficient cars, to lower-energy computers and monitors, you can use all of the information to update your own company structure as often as sensible.




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