Benefits of Cloud Computing for Green Enterprises



A growing number of businesses are trying to make their operations greener. According to the GreenBiz Group, 90% of companies around the world are moving towards sustainability. There are number of obvious ways that they are trying to reach this goal. These include reducing travel and recycling waste. However, one of the biggest at least recognized strategies to go green is moving data to the cloud.

Why is cloud computing a green solution?

There are a variety of reasons that green companies are using cloud computing. Here are some of the main benefits that you’ll want to consider.

Reduce Paper Consumption

The world uses over 300 million tons of paper every year. Businesses account for a very large share of the paper that is consumed.

Smart businesses will look for ways to reduce paper consumption to become promote sustainability. Cloud computing significantly reduces the need for paper, because it enables businesses to use digital technology for projects that may not have been a feasible otherwise. One example is sharing crucial documents with organizational counterparts in other regions.

Reduce Server Dependence

While data storage is far greener than retaining records on paper, it’s still not 100% environmentally friendly. Servers require a decent amount of energy to operate. If you are storing terabytes of data, then you’ll likely need a larger server. However, it’s much more sensible to store data on a single large server than numerous hard drives. Since cloud computing allows you to store your data in a central database, you’ll significantly reduce the number of servers that you rely on.

Cut Transportation Costs

Transportation and shipping are two other activities that leave a large carbon footprint. Cloud computing significantly reduce is it, because your organization will not need to mail nearly as many documents.

Of course, you will still need physical copies of some documents, Such as tax forms. However, you may be able to reduce transportation costs by 30 to 70% depending on your industry.

Take Your Green Business to the Cloud

There are a variety of reasons that smart companies are going green. The two most obvious benefits for their bottom line are that they can save on waste and improve their branding with customers that are concerned about sustainability. They also get to see that they are doing their part to promote a better world.

If you are interested in going green, then you should start by taking your business to the cloud.

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