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Cambridge University seeks applications for sustainable investment job



The University of Cambridge’s Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) is on the lookout for someone to lead its work on long-term investment.

The Investment Leaders Group (ILG), which was launched in 2013, brings together asset managers and asset owners to further investor knowledge on investment strategies that take into account the environment and society.

Speaking at its launch in October, CPSL fellow Carlos Joly said, “Pursuing environmental and social goods does not have to preclude robust returns on investments. On the contrary, we can create a virtuous circle, whereby considering environmental and social factors in investment decisions can drive both economic prosperity and societal wellbeing.

That is the only secure basis on which business and long-term investment can flourish.” 

The university is seeking a person to take on the day-to-day responsibility of managing the ILG. It says the successful candidate will be “highly proficient in navigating the interface between current investment practice and cutting-edge research into what leadership from within the investment sector looks like”.

Introducing the role, the CPSL said, “What would it take to build an investment sector capable of valuing the long-term; one that contributes to, rather than erodes, the natural and social capital on which economies depend?

This question lies at the heart of business leadership to bring about sustainable economies and we are looking for an exceptional individual to support our work with industry leaders and policymakers in the investment sector.”

Founded in 1988 as the Cambridge Programme for Industry, the CPSL has grown to become one of the leading research centres for sustainability in the world. It engages with business leaders and senior executives, helping them take ownership of some of the biggest challenges the world faces.

Its acclaimed postgraduate certificate in sustainable business course was launched in 1998 and is widely regarded as one of the foremost master’s level qualifications in the sustainability space.

Previous Blue & Green Tomorrow interviewees Will Day and Penny Walker have both worked closely with the CPSL in the past.

For more details on the vacancy, see here.

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