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5 Eco-Friendly Fairy Garden Ideas For A Green And Magical Home

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Right now, if you ask anyone in Australia about the best recreational activity one can have, the person will say fairy gardening without a second thought. Yes, it is true! Having a fairy garden in Australia is so popular right now though it originated in America. By this, you can realize that the trend of fairy gardening has travelled a long distance to Australia because the activity is filled with so much of fun. Especially if someone builds one with their kids. Moreover, fairy gardening does not have any boundary of age or rules. Anyone with any kind of accessory can build a fairy garden and have fun.

You can build a fairy garden anywhere you like, say it can be in a container or in a corner of your backyard. In order to build a fairy garden, people use lots of accessories without knowing the kind of materials they are made from. Such unawareness is very harmful to mother-nature. Why? Because, when you throw away those accessories once they have outlived their usefulness, they sometimes release toxic products into nature.

Fairies are nature spirits and fairy gardens are built to attract them. But if the accessories you use in your garden proves harmful to nature then probably the fairies won’t be interested in residing your hand-made fairy garden. So why to upset the fairies when you can make a fairy garden in an eco-friendly way?

You will be amazed to see how useless tires, plastic bottles, rubber boots and wheelbarrow can be turned into a fantastic planter for fairy gardening. This initiative will be both eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

1. Turn useless plastic pipes into fairy garden planters

Plastic is very difficult to decompose by nature, especially the non-biodegradable ones. We throw away a lot of plastics daily that ends up either in some landfills or in other parts of nature like in the ocean. It is our duty to recycle the things we can because if we demand more then, ultimately, we are ending our resources to make them. The concept of recycling fits well with fairy gardening. This is how,

If you have plenty of unwanted plastic pipes lying around in your backyard or in the storeroom then this project is for you. Collect all the unwanted pipes and paint them like I have painted in silver color. After drying the paint join the pipes with adhesive in the way I did or if you want to make a different pattern you are welcome to do that. Finally, fill the hollow pipes with potting soil and plant your favorite plants. It will be soothing to your eyes if you plant some flowering plants. Beside a plastic planter, you can place your fairy garden in a terracotta pot. I can already imagine how fantastic it will look.

2. Make a fairy cave from a plastic bowl

If I would not mention plastic bowl in my heading above then probably you won’t be able to guess that this fairy cave is made from a plastic bowl. It is very simple to make and will cost you nothing at all. If you have a plastic bowl with a lip around its head you can use it.

  •    First of all, draw the shape of the door and window with a permanent marker.
  •    Cut out the shape as it is drawn with a sharp object.
  •    Use contact cement to paste the pebbles one by one.
  •    Use pebbles of a different color to add highlights over the door and window.
  •    Place it outside to dry.

Such a hand-made fairy cave will make the look of your fairy garden unique as well as natural. Fairies will love to call it a home!

3. Adorable plastic planters

This is the magic of creativity! A creativity that turns plastic bottles into mini colorful planters that will fit in any place. You can make such planters with the help of paint artificial eyes and hair. Just cut out the space for planting the plants and with help of a brush paint the character you want. Finally, paste the artificial eyes and hair.

4. Planters made out of tires

I am sure you do not need to invite any fairy to come and stay in this beautiful paradise. Probably you do have some broken tires in your garage that you can paint in various colors and align them in your garden to make a paradise like the one above.

5. Use organic fertilizers in your fairy garden or planters

If you are tired of the slow growth rate of your plants and want to boost their growth then you can opt for organic fertilizers. You need to make sure that you use organic fertilizer only and no artificial fertilizers.

Do not use any kind of pesticides or herbicides in your fairy garden because unknowingly you might repel the fairies. Let your fairy garden grow at its own pace. Do not exaggerate over any kind of factor that might kill the lush green creation of yours. All you need to do now is, sit back and relax! If you want more ideas for a plastic sheet or recycling plastic, check out this infographic below.



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