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FTA Sustainability Conference Gets Underway



Human rights, environment and trade policy changes are all on the agenda at this year’s Sustainability Conference of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). The opening today will focus on cooperation in the supply chain in order to achieve long-lasting improvements. Members and stakeholders representing business, government, civil society and academia are expected to be in attendance.

For the first time, the FTA is expanding its annual Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) conference to address social compliance in combination with environmental and trade-related matters under a holistic sustainability umbrella, with the theme of ‘The Power of Collaboration’.

Christian Ewert, Director General at FTA, said: “This conference truly encompasses our vision of international trade and sustainable supply chains. Achieving a strong global economy must go hand in hand with sustainable and responsible supply chain practices that are respectful of workers’ rights and the environment.

“We are therefore calling for consensus around the need to tackle trade, the environment and human rights in parallel in order to consider a truly sustainable future. This can only be successfully achieved through strengthened collaborations among the different actors in the supply chain.”

With this in mind, FTA has established during the last year collaborations and partnerships with different organisations such as the French Initiative Clause Social (ICS), the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme and Sedex, which will drive significant value to the industry, businesses and their supply chains.

At the conference, some 250 members and stakeholders representing business, government, civil society and academia will have the opportunity to hear high-level speakers address such topics as how to create sustainable business models that meet the needs of the future and the intertwined challenge of climate change and human rights.

For the full conference programme, please click here.


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