Vigeo Eiris becomes Climate Bonds Verifier



The Climate Bonds Standards Board has confirmed that Vigeo Eiris, a leading international CSR & ESG assessment firm, has become an approved Climate Bonds Standards Verifier.

Vigeo Eiris’s primary role as a Verifier will be to undertake independent assessment of eligible assets and projects framework to determine their compliance with the Climate Bonds Standard. The verifiers’ role is  integral to the Climate Bonds Standards and Certification process.

Michael Notat, Head of Vigeo Eiris Global Markets declared: “Climate Bonds Initiative’s work and reputation are references for the development of sustainable and responsible bonds. As an active actor in this field who has assisted the issuers of green bonds since 2012, it was important for Vigeo Eiris to be part of this initiative. We are delighted to work with Climate Bonds Standards to engage investors and issuers in this new market”.

Sean Kidney, CEO Climate Bonds added: “Vigeo Eiris has been an important pioneer in developing the green bonds market. Their joining as an approved verifier is a significant moment for the Standards program. Their global research and experience will add rigour and credibility to the verification process, giving issuers and investors additional confidence in the assurance programme around Climate Bonds Standards”.


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