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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 18 September round up



Today on Blue & Green Tomorrow we reported on the UN general-secretary announcing he was to take part in a climate march and the results of our Scottish referendum poll.

Leonardo DiCaprio confirmed as UN climate change representative

Hollywood actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has been appointed by United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon as a UN climate representative, and is to open the approaching climate talks later this month, in New York.

Ban Ki-Moon to take part to climate march during UN climate summit

The UN’s secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon has unexpectedly said he will join climate activists calling for strong action to tackle climate change in New York during the UN summit next week.

Scotland decides as Blue & Green readers decide our fate

Some 4.3 million Scots may be going to the polls today to decide their country’s status as an independent or union nation, but 3,500 Blue & Green subscribers and 72,000 readers are deciding our fate on whether they pledge to keep us going or not.

EU to create investment fund to meet emission targets

In a bid to ensure climate change targets are met, the EU is planning on creating two investment funds that will focus on encouraging reluctant countries to take action, according to reports.

NASA: August hottest on record worldwide

Following the hottest May and June on record, August has also been confirmed as the hottest August since records began 130 years ago – with an over temperature increase of 0.70C above the 1951-1990 baseline temperature average.

Two of the ‘big six’ energy providers among worst brands for customer service

A poll by consumer group Which? rated npower and Scottish Power as the worst UK brands for customer service, while First Direct and ethical companies Lush and John Lewis gained the top spots.

Scottish independence: Blue & Green readers’ view

In perfect symmetry the share of Blue & Green readers in Scotland who want to see it as an independent nation matches those who don’t elsewhere. ‘Yes to independence’ for our readers in Scotland and ‘no to independence’ for our readers elsewhere.

Charities are the ‘glue of UK society’, report finds

Eight in ten people have used charitable services over the past year, with many Britons saying that charities play an essential or very important role in their lives, a new report has suggested.

Climate change physically changing Austrian Alps, major survey finds

A major report with over 200 scientists involved has stated that temperatures in Austria have risen by almost 2C since 1880, with its particularly sensitive Alpine regions hit the hardest.

Alquity rebrands and launches an emerging markets fund

Last Thursday saw the launch of a new brand for Alquity Investment Management and their emerging markets fund, the Future World Fund. The location was the cool white interior of the Ice Tank in Covent Garden.

New series demonstrates climate change impacts on businesses

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership has released a series of summaries that highlight the likely impacts of climate change on businesses and the capacity of each sector to adapt and reduce emissions.

Met Office warns of high pollution levels in southeast England

Weeks of low pressure bringing pollution from across the country to the southeast of England has led the Met Office to issue a health alert to vulnerable people such as elderly and children.

Rushlight Awards open for entries

The Rushlight Awards 2014-15, now in their eighth year and designed to specifically support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations and initiatives for businesses and organisations throughout the UK and Ireland, are now open for entries.

Paul Robinson: capitalism isn’t working – speech

Paul Robinson, CEO of Alquity spoke about capitalism and transforming the financial industry to change the world as the company rebranded and launched a new emerging market fund. The full text of the speech is below.

Community Energy Fortnight: Low Carbon hub

The Community Energy Fortnight hopes to raise awareness of renewable energy projects this September. As part of the national event, the Low Carbon Hub – a social enterprise in Oxford working with key stakeholders to lower carbon emissions and develop renewable, community-driven energy projects -are launching a share offer for a new wave of community-owned renewable energy projects for Oxfordshire.

Photo: Sanja Gjenero via Free Images

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