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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 24 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

RBS needs to run, not walk, to become an ethical banking leader

Apple reveals environmental progress and warns that climate change ‘is real’

Vince Cable calls on FTSE 100 to create sustainable remuneration packages

Responsible investors call on Bank of America to address climate risks

46% of executives say climate change demands ‘urgent’ action


24 April headlines

Protesters at Drax AGM say plant fuel may not be green

Drax’s biomass woes were not confined to news that the subsidies it will get to burn wood pellets instead of coal will be less generous than expected. When investors arrived at the company’s annual general meeting they were greeted by protesters accusing them of putting their money into a “climate disaster”. Financial Times.

‘Little progress’ on forest protection plan

A global programme to reward developing countries for avoiding deforestation has made little headway, officials and conservations say. Campaigners say that nearly eight years have passed since the programme was announced but the international projects supposed to implement it are not happening. BBC.

Barclays bosses to face shareholder anger at AGM

Barclays bosses will face more shareholder anger over pay tomorrow when the banking giant holds its annual general meeting. It recently defined calls for restraint by hiking its staff bonus pool by 10% to £2.38 billion, despite profits falling by a third and plans to cut thousands of jobs. Independent.

Obama administration tightens coal dust rule to reduce black lung cases

The Obama administration has said it is cutting the amount of coal dust allowed in coal mines in an effort to help reduce black lung disease. Black lung is irreversible and potentially deadly disease caused by exposure to coal dust, where the dust particles accumulate in the lungs. Guardian.

Energy switching numbers still low, says Ofgem

Nearly two-thirds of people have never switched energy supplier, according to a survey for the energy regulator, Ofgem, The switching process has been described as complex and time-consuming, with more than half of those questioned saying they were confused by energy tariffs. BBC.


Interesting picks

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