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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 7 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Coal-fired electricity investment threatens climate goals, warns OECD head

Standard Chartered joins 9 other banks in pledge to cut deforestation

​Ecclesiastical rebrands as EdenTree Investment Management

Markets dip after Greece rejects bailout


7 July headlines

No plan B is Paris climate summit ends in failure, says EU climate chief

There is “no plan B” if the Paris climate conference ends in failure, Europe’s climate chief has warned, urging world leader to intervene to force their ministers to agree a landmark deal this December. Guardian.

Millions could see energy bills cut after inquiry finds prices are too high

Millions of households’ energy bills could be cut after a landmark investigation concluded that the big six companies have been charging £1.2 bullion a year too much for gas and electricity. Telegraph.

EU carbon set aside for new firms set to drop, BNEF says

The European Union’s post-2020 reserve for new entrants to the carbon market is set to shrink under a plan the bloc’s regulator is considering, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Bloomberg.

Major polluter pledges not enough to meet emissions targets, says report

A landmark climate change conference in Paris in December has triggered commitments on carbon emissions curbs from most of the world’s major polluter – but these pledges will still not be enough to bring about the reductions scientists say are necessary. Guardian.

‘More hot summers’ for parts of UK

Scorching summers such as the one in 2003 look set to become more common in England and Wales, a study suggests. And devastating rains such as in Britain’s worst winter in 2013-14 may be less likely in the decades ahead. BBC.


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