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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 8 October round up



Today on Blue&Green Tomorrow, we reported on two HSBC’s directors resigning because of new tough rules on bakers’ misconduct, which can see them jailed in the most serious offences.

We also covered the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics assigned to the inventors of energy efficient LED technology and the decision by the European Commission to back the subsidy scheme for Hinkley Point C nuclear reactors.

Farmers concerned over effects of fracking on rural land

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has accused the government of ignoring the impact fracking could have on the value of farmers’ land, as it plans to go ahead with proposed measure to drill for shale gas beneath private properties without offering compensation.

New solar park in East Sussex given the go-ahead

Renewables investment company Low Carbon has announced that a deal to build a new solar park at Berwick in East Sussex has been closed.

Inventors of energy-efficient LED technology win Physics Nobel Prize

One American and two Japanese scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2014 for the invention of the energy-efficient light source known as the blue light-emitting diode (LED), which has brought great benefits to humanity and the environment.

HSBC directors to quit over jail threat to bankers

Two directors of HSBC’s UK bank are poised to resign in a protest against new rules that could see senior bankers jailed if their institution fails.

US east coast cities to be severely affected by climate change, scientists warn

The Union of Concerned Scientists has said that over the next 15 to 30 years, Mid-Atlantic communities and some of the most important cities on the US east coast will experience severe floods and high tides, as worsening climate change raises sea levels and causes more extreme weather.

Outrage as the EU Commission fails to label tar sands oil as highly polluting

The European Commission has scrapped plans to label tar sands oil as ‘highly polluting’ after years of lobbying from the Canadian government and the industry, in a move that has concerned campaigners.

‘Solar storm’ centre opens to protect UK economy

The Met Office will today open the UK’s first space weather forecast centre, in an effort to protect the nation’s economy and infrastructure from solar storms.

Ethical retailer of the week: La Jewellery

La Jewellery is an ethical jewellery producer that takes inspiration from the charm of Wales to realise unique pieces that have little impact on the environment and are made with responsibly sourced silver.

European Commission approves subsidy plan for Hinkley Point C nuclear reactors

The European Commission has approved the subsidy scheme proposed to build the UK’s first new nuclear reactors in 20 years at Hinkley Point in Somerset, on the condition that the burden on British taxpayers is reduced.

Photo:  Sanja Gjenero via Free Images
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