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Ethical retailer of the week: Qui Teas



Qui Teas is a family-run business producing high quality fairtrade, organic and eco-friendly teas, drawing on ancient Chinese tradition.

Qui Teas started production back in 1997 by Herbal Health Ltd owned by Joe d’Armenia. He took an enlightening trip to China to discover the incredible properties of green tea.

While travelling, he researched the numerous gardens cultivating green teas and finally found what he was looking for – organically certified tea gardens to distribute in the UK.

As the company states, “From the time our company was established, we have enjoyed a special, long-standing relationship with the communities who grow and prepare our tea.

“We are proud to work directly with a co-operative of small independent farmers with long traditions in the preparation of high quality teas, and buy our tea directly from them.”

The company specialises in green teas, white teas and a range of speciality teas, such as ginseng, jasmine and golden vanilla teas. Its Detox green tea won the National Fairtrade Product of the Year in Australia in 2013.

The pillars of Qui are fairness, sustainability and organic agriculture. The company makes sure that all those involved in the production and harvesting process are paid a fair wage, adequately trained and work in a respectful environment. It also has a social and community fund set up to ensure finance is directed towards community projects.

Qui Teas are also entirely organic – certified by the Soil Association and Ecocert – to avoid harmful chemicals and protect the environment.

The company offers its products in recyclable package and its teabags’ paper is un-bleached and free from glue and aluminum staples.

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