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6 Factors to Consider When Getting Eco-Friendly Home Security Systems

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There are a lot of steps that you should take if you want to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle. As with most goals, you need to start at home if you want to go green.

We have talked at length about a lot of the steps that you should take to make your home eco-friendlier. One of the issues we talked about at length has been investing in renewable energy, such as solar panels. We have also emphasized the benefits of making your home more energy efficient in various ways, such as installing insulation.

However, some ways to make your home eco-friendlier don’t get as much discussion. One thing that you should think about is the importance of using an eco-friendly home security system.

Factors to Think About When Creating an Eco-Friendly Home Security System

Keeping your home safe and secure is so important that you can never really do “too much.” Security system companies are aware of this and constantly upgrade their models and add more features to make your home security foolproof. This article will explore the most recent home security measures to consider when selecting a security system.

Before we go into that, let’s start by answering the most pressing question.

As clear-cut as this may appear, many people still struggle with answering the question, what is a home security system. In simple terms, a home security system is an array of devices and sensors mounted at various entry points of the home to ward off intruders and ensure the safety of your home. It includes motion sensor detectors, security cameras, glass break sensors, door and window sensors, panic buttons, doorbell video, smoke detectors, and many others. You can control it from a central control panel located somewhere in the house or a smart device with the home automation system feature. 

There are a lot of issues that you should consider when coming up with a home security system as an eco-friendly homeowner. You obviously have to make sure that the system is going to work reliably, but you also have to make sure it is eco-friendly.

Many home security systems are not good for the planet. The reason is that they use a lot of energy, largely because they require a lot of light to keep burglars from being able to hide and cameras that use a lot of energy.

The good news is that there are more environmentally responsible systems that don’t compromise on security. You want to know what to look for when purchasing one.

6 Key Factors to Consider in an Eco-Friendly Home Security System in 2022

  1. Motion controlled sensor
  2. Digital camera
  3. Type of Monitoring System
  4. Smart Home Integration System
  5. DIY or Professional Installation 
  6. Type of Security System Connection

Motion Controlled Sensors that Control the Lighting

One of the most important things that you should look for when getting an eco-friendly home security system if the type of lighting system that it uses. Some security systems use constant light to keep the surrounding area illuminated. These consume a lot of energy, which is not very good for the envioronment.

You will want to get a lighting system that is going to be controlled by motion sensors instead. These won’t keep the lights on all the time, which is better for the environment by being more energy efficient. They are also arguably safer, because you will notice when the lights come on, which lets you know that someone is outside.

Use Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are more energy efficient than traditional ones. You will want to use a home security system that uses a digital camera instead. According to research from Eco Friend, they have much lower energy consumption requirements, which is going to obviously be better for the environment.

Type Of Monitoring System

How you monitor your home security system is one crucial factor to consider. Most providers offer professional monitoring services with your security system, ensuring that your house is monitored round the clock. In the event an emergency occurs or an alarm gets triggered, the appropriate authorities will get notified immediately. However, such services attract a fee. On the other hand, Do-It-Yourself monitoring is carried out by you, the homeowner, and in the case of an emergency, you are in charge of calling the necessary authorities. 

Another benefit of Do-It-Yourself monitoring is that it is likely eco-friendlier. It takes a lot of energy to have your home monitored by an outside source all the time. If you want to do your part to lower your carbon footprint, you might want to reconsider that.

Smart Home Integration System

This feature is futuristic and convenient and allows you to integrate your security system with your smartphone, virtual assistant, and other smart devices. This is one crucial home security measure to consider as it gives you easy access to monitor your home and control your security system remotely. It can also be better for the environment, since smart homes are usually greener.

For instance, you can configure your smart lighting to come on at certain times of the day or set your security camera to begin recording at 7 pm. Some systems have the added advantage of a live feed transmission of your security camera to your smartphone. Security models with this feature can be expensive, but you really cannot put a price on safety, can you? Installing a smart automation system that protects you is one of the best ways to secure your home. 

DIY or Professional Installation

Another thing to look out for is the type of installation required for your security system. Some models can be done with a simple DIY, while others require the skills of experts for installation. Although professional installation helps get the work done swiftly and correctly, it is not always affordable. DIY installation is relatively cheap, and some models come pre-configured, making it easy to set them up. Unfortunately, not all security systems can be installed by DIY. If you’re unsure of which option to pick, here are some home security installation tips to check out. 

Type Of Security System Connection

This option is only applicable if you select the professional monitoring type for your home security system. It involves the kind of connection you would like to set up between your home and the monitoring center. There are three types of connection for security systems;

  • Landline: It makes use of your home phone connection to transmit information about your security system to the monitoring center. This connection is not very reliable as intruders can easily cut it off. 
  • Broadband: Broadband connection occurs through your home’s internet or WiFi network. In the event of a power outage, your monitoring center will not be able to keep an eye on your security devices.
  • Cellular: This option works with your phone or smart device to transmit information to your monitoring center. It is a very reliable means of connection. 

Invest in the Right Eco-Friendly Security System

Are you an eco-friendly home owner? You have to make a lot of thoughtful decisions, including carefully deciding what type of security system you install. There are various models of security systems available on the market, each of which promises security for the home. Ensure you look out for the latest features highlighted in this article before selecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other factors should I consider when buying a home security system?

Check if the security system comes with sensors for gas leaks, water leaks, or fire outbreaks. Such models add an extra layer of security.

How can I Prevent My Security System from Hackers?

Ensure you set a strong password for your home internet and other devices. Set up two-factor authentication for your smart devices and constantly update your security software.

What’s the cost of installing a security system?

Home security systems do not come cheap. The price depends on the brand, model, equipment, and features available. There are also monthly payments for certain services like professional monitoring. It’s best to prepare a budget based on your needs and follow that.

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