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How to Honour Mother Earth and Your Mum this Mother’s Day



It may seem surprising, but Mother’s Day is just round the corner. Instead of running out at the last minute to pick up a generic Mother’s Day gift – use our tips to take care of your mother and Mother Nature this year. Take a look through the Rainforest Alliance’s green gift ideas and get to work on spoiling mum and caring for our planet’s finite resources at the same time:

Get sustainable in the kitchen.

– Make mum breakfast in bed. How about pancakes with a coffee or smoothie? Mash up or puree bananas that were grown on Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM to help caramelise pancake batter, making it tastier and healthier.

– While you’re at it, pick up a chocolate bar that was made with cocoa from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms, chop it up and add it mum’s pancake mix for a sweet treat.

– Make a mother’s day cake and enrich the flavour by adding Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM coffee grounds to chocolate cake mix or brownie batter — and speaking of coffee

Save up your Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM coffee and tea grounds for ‘upcycled’ gifts.

– Coffee can be a wonderful, natural exfoliant for skin. Mix coffee grounds with a bit of coconut oil and brown sugar, or use the grounds on their own, to make small batches of a sustainable face scrub. And a bonus tip for dark-haired mums: running coffee grounds through hair during a shower can give brunette locks a healthy sheen.

– Coffee is a natural deodoriser. Make mum a homemade coffee-scented candle or a homemade coffee-scented soap.

– Help mum out in the garden! When added to compost, tea leaves can deter garden insects and can sustainably enrich your soil. Leftover coffee grounds can also be used as sustainable mulch in mum’s spring flower and carrot garden – and also deter ants and snails from having their own Mother’s Day brunch on mum’s budding blooms.

– After whipping up a delicious, sustainable Mother’s Day breakfast, be sure to finish the job properly by washing up the dishes for mum! Coffee grounds can help scour away tough grease spots on pots and pans.

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