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Renting A Moving Truck Isn’t an Eco-Friendly Moving Practice

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There are a lot of things that you need to think about when trying to move in the eco-friendliest way. This involves avoiding renting a truck and using eco-friendlier moving tactics instead.

Environmental and Practical Reasons to Avoid Renting Your Own Moving Truck

Life throws many opportunities and challenges our way, and it’s never more evident than during a move. To ship belongings, you can rent a cargo van, which cuts down on repeated trips and saves you time and energy. A moving truck comes equipped with low ramps that make loading and unloading boxes efficient. Due to the air-ride suspension built into the vehicle, damage to your possessions is reduced during transit. Moving your household from one place to the other is grueling, but don’t you don’t want to rush to rent a moving truck just yet. It doesn’t make sense for your needs or budget and probably isn’t the best for the planet either.

There are a lot of reasons that it isn’t a good idea to rent a moving truck. We are going to cover some of the environmental reasons, but will also touch on some other concerns as well. The biggest factors are listed below.

The Carbon Footprint of Moving Trucks is Huge

Moving trucks are notoriously bad for the planet. One estimate shows that the average freight or moving truck produces over 161 grams of CO2 for every ton-mile. The carbon emissions that they have produced has increased 65% since 2001. Therefore, you should avoid them if you care about sustainability.

Hidden Fees Are Quite Common

Rental fees tend to be affordable, but the final cost to rent a cargo van can be quite high. For example, there are different fees and taxes, in addition to extra costs that can add up and lead to overspending. For example, moving companies charge per mile being traveled for long-distance and cross-country moves, so the final price will depend on the distance between the departure and arrival location. Since you’ll be driving the truck, insurance is a must. If you’re taking a more extended trip, take supplemental liability insurance too. A moving truck rental is an alternative to traditional full-service movers, but it’s not as cheap as you think. 

Driving Requires More Attention

If you haven’t driven a large vehicle before, you’ll be surprised just how difficult it can be. Driving a moving truck requires your full attention, so avoid sources of distraction such as talking or texting on your phone. Equally, you need more space to make simple driving maneuvers like turning, backing up, and crossing junctions, one of the reasons being the weight. Your entire household is inside, so drive slower to avoid the impact of a crash. The bigger the vehicle, the more extra weight needs to be carried. A moving truck poses a danger to you and other road users, so there’s a chance that something could go wrong. 

Maintenance Is Your Responsibility

Of course, the moving company is responsible for maintenance, but so are you, so make sure you don’t end up with a flat tire. You should never rent a moving truck without seeing the maintenance records; they’ll show you the fluids and filters that have been changed and anything else that has been replaced. Be sure the vehicle isn’t likely to break down in the middle of the road. If the contract says you’re responsible for the repairs, you have no choice but to find the closest mechanic to work on the cargo van. It puts a wrench into the forks.  

So, How Do You Avoid a Moving Mayhem?

Renting a moving truck can be a good thing, as you have complete control at all times, but it can cause you many headaches. It might not be the best bang for your buck. Your home is on the market, so there’s no time to lose – think about the details of your move as soon as possible. A shipping container is a flexible alternative to a moving truck, available in a variety of sizes; it can be delivered anywhere. If you like, go now and research the average cost of shipping a moving container. Just so you know, the smallest size shipping container holds up to a room – more or less a small furnished apartment. 

The Three Main Advantages of Using a Shipping Container to Move House

If you rent a shipping container for home moving, you have more time to think about the details of your move, which means that you can focus on what really matters. A couple of days before the big move, the shipping container is delivered to your doorstep. After packing your belongings, you load the boxes into the moving container. And that’s it. The moving company will come to pick up the container, which is then sent to the new address. When the shipping container arrives, you have all the time in the world to unpack (well, almost). Compare free moving quotes to budget for the move, and be certain you’re getting a fair rate. We’ve summarized the main advantages of using a shipping container to move house: 

  1. You overcome a complicated relocation. Moving is overwhelming, and a long-distance move presents even more challenges. A shipping container offers ample storage space, so if you have a big house full of stuff, you’re in luck. The container is set at ground level, so it’s easier than loading a moving truck. Pack your items from floor to ceiling and distribute the weight evenly from one side to the other. 
  2. You can pick whatever size you need. Even if the number of rooms and the square footage of your home are important considerations, know how many things you have to move when deciding on a shipping container. Moving containers are available in two sizes: 20-foot storage containers and 40-foot containers. If you require additional storage space, another container will be delivered to your doorstep. 
  3. You enjoy optimal safety and security. Once the shipping container is locked, it won’t be opened until it arrives at the final destination, which reduces the risk of loss and theft. A moving container is made of strong, robust, and durable steel, so it can transport to any place in the world. You can use ratchet straps to secure your possessions and prevent shifting. As far as fragile items are concerned, caution is best. 
  4. Better for the planet. Shipping containers are better for the planet in a lot of ways. Some communities are building homes and other parts of their cities from them to reduce carbon footprint. However, they also tend to be better for moving as well.

Since the industry norm is a month-to-month rental period, you can keep the container on your property, so it’s not necessary to rent a traditional storage facility. Maybe the move-in date is later than your move-out date. 

Renting a Truck is Neither the Cheapest or Greenest Way to Move

There are a lot of ways to lower your carbon footprint while moving, such as using an eco-friendly moving company. Regardless, you should avoid renting a truck. since it is costly and bad for the planet.

Decide on a transportation mode for your move and do it now. Speed is often critical when relocating, but don’t overdo it. Moving into a new house is definitely a big project, but if you plan ahead of time, it’s less challenging. Make a preliminary plan and fill it in once you find out more details.


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