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Top features of the week: September 21



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Ilaria Bertini spoke to eco-travel blogger Yara Coelho and explored how responsible travelers need to be aware of their impacts in addition to it being about giving back to the community you visit. We also interviewed the Low Carbon Hub, a social enterprise in Oxford, about Community Energy Fortnight.

1. Top ecotourism destinations: Umbria, Italy

Ilaria Bertini: The historic Italian region offers a range of eco-retreats and activities to responsible travellers, who can enjoy its picturesque rural landscape and artistic heritage. Read more.

2. Responsible travel is to give back to the community you visit

Ilaria Bertini: Travelling can be an opportunity of growth and discovery, but responsible travelers need to be aware of the impacts their actions have on the environment and local people, says eco-travel blogger Yara Coelho. Read more.

3. Film review: Disruption (2014)

Charlotte Malone: Disruption looks at the consequences of our inaction when it comes to climate change, arguing that this is an issue everyone can and should be involved in. Read more.

4. Community Energy Fortnight: Low Carbon hub

Richard Heasman: The Community Energy Fortnight hopes to raise awareness of renewable energy projects this September. As part of the national event, the Low Carbon Hub – a social enterprise in Oxford working with key stakeholders to lower carbon emissions and develop renewable, community-driven energy projects – are launching a share offer for a new wave of community-owned renewable energy projects for Oxfordshire. Read more.

5. Sustainability institute of the week: Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems

Charlotte Malone: The Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems is an independent ‘think and do’ tank that offers popular learning programmes from Bristol. The organisation’s work is firmly rooted in economist E F Schumacher’s philosophy. Read more.

Photo: Luke Partridge via Free Images

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