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7 Instagram Influencers to Follow if You Want to Live an Eco-Friendlier Lifestyle




Over the years, Instagram has become a social media platform that extends far beyond the social aspect. If you’re running a business, you can use it to build your brand, and with the help of tools like SocialRocketer, you can easily grow your audience. Instagram can also become your business if you become an influencer. But for many of the 500 million daily active users on the platform, Instagram has become a source of information and inspiration. And one of the main reasons that Instagram has become such a resource for so many is because it covers virtually every topic imaginable from something as frivolous as photos of cats to something as impactful as eco-friendly living.

Eco-friendly living is one topic, in particular, that has been gaining a lot of attention as more and more people have become aware of the harm that seemingly simple purchasing decisions can have, and as they have come to recognize how big of a difference an eco-friendly lifestyle can make, not only personally, but on a larger scale as well. Transitioning to and living an eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t always a breeze, though, so having resources to turn to and inspiration from people who have been there and done that can make a big difference. There are plenty of ways that you can live eco-friendlier from your fashion choices to the food you eat, and if you want to start living an eco-friendlier lifestyle, then you may want to follow the Instagram influencers below.

  1.  Jennifer Nini—@ecowarriorprincess

Jennifer Nini is about as eco-friendly as they come. On her Instagram account, she shares everything from eco-tourism to sustainable fashion, but she also practices what she preaches. She is an activist, certified organic farm owner, and more, covering not only things you wear and eat but green tech and environmental issues as well.

  1.  Bea Johnson—@ZeroWasteHome

Bea Johnson’s eco-friendly lifestyle choice has helped her take her blog from a passion project into a full-fledged movement, and she shares her experiences and advice in her books and in talks that she gives all around the world. If you’re looking for inspiration from someone who leads by example, then Bea is it. She and her whole family are living an eco-friendly lifestyle that may just inspire and help you do the same.

  1.  Adele McConnell—@vegiehead


Adele McConnell is an author and cook who has turned her vegan lifestyle into a thriving and inspiring business. She says, “I created Vegie Head, as I was so, so SO bored of seeing bland, faux-meat vegan recipes online.” If you want to eat vegan but are having a hard time or are running out of meal ideas, following her Instagram will help you get your taste buds excited and inspire you to live the eco-friendly lifestyle you want.

  1.  Lauren Singer—@trashisfortossers


Lauren Singer’s passion for eco-friendliness is one she has carried with her for a long time. Before starting her blog, she majored in Environmental Studies in college which sparked her love for and interest in living an eco-friendly lifestyle. As the CEO of companies that are environmentally friendly and help reduce waste, she truly lives a completely eco-friendly lifestyle that can inspire and help you transition to yours.

  1.  Claire Buchanan—@CrueltyFreeWithMe


Claire Buchanan is conscientious of and purposeful in all of her choices in life. Not only does she offer inspiration in the form of food, fashion, and beauty products that are all cruelty-free and eco-friendly, her posts extend beyond the physical aspects of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. When you follow her, you’ll be inspired to not only take better care of the environment but to take better care of yourself through fitness and health.

  1.  Jill and Luke Matthews—@JilleMatthews and @LukeMatthws


Jill and Luke Matthews are, perhaps, the cutest and most eco-friendly couple on the Internet. On their conscious lifestyle blog, Sutton + Grove, they cover everything from fair trade products to eco-friendly travel, and they share it all on their Instagram account as well. If you’re looking for inspiration for both you and your partner, or just want to get ideas on how you can purchase and travel in the eco-friendliest way possible, give them a follow.

  1.  Anne-Marie Bonneau—@ZeroWasteChef

An eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t limited to going green and making more conscious purchasing decisions—it includes the way you eat as well. And although you may already have some favorite eco-friendly recipes tucked away, it never hurts to get some extra inspiration, and the best place to find it is on Anne-Marie Bonneau’s Instagram. Anne-Marie shares her delicious meals and eco-friendly philosophies on her account, but if you want to take it a step further, you can take one of her cooking classes as well.

Who has inspired you to want to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle?

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