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wind turbine by Paulo Valdivieso via flickr wind turbine by Paulo Valdivieso via flickr


WWF Respond to Dounreay Floating Wind Turbine Proposal



In response to the news that the planning application for floating wind turbines, off the coast of the former Dounreay Nuclear Reactor Facility, has been submitted, WWF Scotland Director, Lang Banks, said:

“This proposal will of course have to go through all the usual planning processes. However, successfully developing floating turbines could enable Scotland and other nations to secure even more clean power from offshore wind in the future.

“There’s also something quite symbolic in the fact that clean renewable electricity might one day be being generated within a stone’s throw of the failed and polluting nuclear reactor site at Dounreay.

“While nuclear power and fossils fuels should be consigned to history, with the right political support for offshore wind and other technologies, Scotland is well placed to become the EU’s first fully renewable electricity nation. This is an aspiration we hope the Scottish Government will aim for its forthcoming energy strategy.”