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The DoNation surpasses crowdfunding target



The DoNation, an online platform that encourage people to donate through actions, rather than with cash, has reached its crowdfunding target. Here the organisation’s chief operating officer Harriet Rockliff talks about the decision to raise funds and what the future holds for the DoNation.

We did it!

A few months ago, we decided to crowdfund investment for the future of The DoNation. A year had gone by since we started offering Do Good for Business; a year of developing, receiving feedback and tweaking our product. We were finally ready to shout about it from the rooftops.

Clients were rolling in and our user numbers were increasing every day. But we wanted to scale faster – sustainability and climate change aren’t going to wait for us to slowly grow organically. We needed money to invest in marketing and sales and to build new features on the site as quickly as the demand was increasing.

The decision to go for crowdfunding wasn’t easy. It was definitely a risky business – if you fail, you fail publicly – but we decided it was  a risk worth taking: if successful, not only would we get the money we needed to scale, but we’d also build a tribe of advocates and champions.

The campaign has flown by. Never have I seen anyone work harder or more passionately than our CEO and founder, Hermione Taylor, over the last few months. But it all paid off when last Sunday, we cruised passed our target, raising  £170,000.

This will allow for us to further develop our web platform and grow our team, thus winning more clients and ever-increasing our impact. The DoNation is all about creating small actions adding up together to make a big difference so it’s pretty apt that our own future has been paved by 223 people’s investments, from £10 to £30,000, adding up together to allow us to really scale our product.

We’re really excited about the next stage. We can finally breathe a little, take a step out of start-up world and finally begin to make a bigger and better difference. We’re recruiting right away – for a Marketing and Communications Manager and a Junior Web Developer, so get in touch if you’re keen.

We’re now looking towards our bright future with mounting excitement, pulling into place all the changes we can make.

Talking of which, it’s coming to that time of year when change is in the air and people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  With The DoNation’s focus on behavior change, now is a great time to get your company involved. Want your employees to feel empowered, get fitter, healthier and have fun in the new year? Drop Richard a line today to chat about how Do Good for Business can help your company really make that difference.

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