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Ethical retailer of the week: Believer Jewellery



Believer is a jewels company, committed to improving working conditions of people and respecting the environment, both in the UK and in developing nations.

Founder of Believer Katie Walker got into the ethical jewellery sector after she realised she wanted to do something to improve the situation of women and children worldwide.

“Becoming a parent changes your perspective on love and life. I couldn’t simply forget or ignore what I had learnt about the terrifying issues facing women in Asia and sub Saharan Africa; their lives and those of their children. As a mother and a woman, I feel a responsibility to help in any way I can”, she said.

The company sells various types of handmade jewels that are both elegant and ethical. These include bracelets, necklaces and earrings. They are made in a small factory in India, where children of the employees benefit from a sponsored education.

The Indian factory employs 6 male and 3 female crafts people, while some of the jewels are made in an environmentally-friendly studio in the UK, where the staff get paid over minimum wage and have bonuses every six-months.

Believer uses eco-friendly material as well, such as recycled brass, silver and leather. For its packaging, it relies on the Tiny Box Company, choosing 100% recycled cardboard and paper from sustainable forests.

The company uses its sales to help two different charities, the Woodland Trust and War Child. According to the collection, 20% of each purchases is donated to one of the charities.

Photo: Believer Jewellery Ltd  


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