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Ethical retailer of the week: U- Konserve



U- Konserve produces reusable, safe and waste-free storage products for food to be used by families, which are also sustainably made and aim to reduce the amount of trash we produce.

U- Konserve and its sister company Kids Konserve were founded in the US in 2008 by two mothers, Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton, who where increasingly worried about the amount of waste generated in their households, especially when preparing school lunch for their kids.

After discovering that one child can generate an average of 67 pounds of lunchtime trash per school year and tired of seeing plastic bags, single-use containers and disposable bottles being used for their kids’ lunch, they decided to take action and founded the company.

U- Konserve realises reusable, non-toxic, recycled lunch packing and food-storage products, which can help families reduce the amount of trash they produce and send a good and ethical message to children.

Some of these include food jars, coffee cups, bamboo utensils and insulated lunch sacks. They are designed to cut waste, make parents saving money in the long-term and encourage healthier eating by promoting homemade meals.

According to U-Konserve, a waste-free lunch can save an average $216 per child per year.

The company says the products are responsibly made in China, India and Taiwan, in factories that promote green practices and have their working conditions independently checked.

The firm also works with schools to educate pupils about the importance of reusing and won a grant from Eileen Fisher for Woman Entrepreneurs.

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