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Finding a Career in a Sustainability Field



The sustainability field is diverse, and someone can get a job in various places. Professionals in this field assist many organizations in achieving their goals. A sustainability professional can be a manager, an engineer, or hold a number of other titles. While each career path may differ, their general roles are social responsibility, environmental protection, and optimum profitability. 

Sustainability in business allows organizations to increase their profit margin by a considerable percentage. It is because the organizations can run more efficiently, retain their employees, improve their reputations, and improve how they relate with their customers. Therefore, a sustainability professional is essential in an organization. In this piece, we will mainly look at where you can find a sustainability job.

Managerial Positions

Primarily, sustainability managers perform different roles in an organization, and they have different job titles. However, their collective job is ensuring the smooth implementation of the organization’s sustainability goals. A sustainability manager can work in various positions in an organization.

  • Chief executives. These are senior positions like the environmental president and chief sustainability officer, for example. They all perform specific roles in achieving the long-term sustainability goals in an organization. For starters, the chief sustainability officer is the person in charge of all the sustainability activities and strategies. The environmental president has a central role in minimizing the environmental impacts of the organization.
  • Operation managers. Their primary function is implementing all the sustainability strategies. Also, they ensure the usage of all the strategies in the production process to increase efficiency.
  • Production managers. Production sustainability managers are mainly involved in the coordination of production activities. Generally, they should reduce wastage and also improve the efficiency of the production process.

Science Positions 

Sustainability in science mainly helps to improvise technical solutions, cut down on the costs, and reduce waste. Moreover, sustainability is also essential in science because it also helps in reducing injury to employees. The scientists who have specialized in sustainability, use their skills to guide organizations towards efficient, and sustainable practices. A sustainability professional can work in the following positions in an organization.

  • Atmospheric scientists. They study the effects of pollution. Ideally, they create a solution to reduce the impact of pollution.
  • Material scientists. Their main task in an organization is to develop chemical compounds that have a smaller environmental impact.
  • Environmental scientists. They implement their extensive knowledge in the field of science to protect the environment. They analyze every aspect of the environment and determine the best way to preserve it.
  • Conservation scientists. They improvise sustainable ways of utilizing natural resources. They advise organizations on managing and using natural resources effectively, and for a substantial amount of time.
  • Microbiologists. They generally study microorganisms and how they can be used to help the environment. For example, they use some of the organisms to clean up the atmosphere. Moreover, they use microbes to produce biofuels. 


Engineers working in sustainability use their skills to reduce waste and costs. They play a vital role in ensuring timely completion of projects and increasing employee safety. A sustainability engineer can work in the following positions in an organization. 

  • Chemical engineers. Their central role in sustainability is working to minimize the impacts that chemicals have on the environment. Ideally, their primary focus is on using renewable sources to produce efficient chemicals. These chemicals will not pollute the environment because they are biodegradable.
  • Civil engineers. They are mainly involved in building and designing structures. They do it in an efficient way to reduce environmental pollution. Additionally, they are also involved in designing water supplies and sewages.
  • Environmental engineers. They are involved in the recycling of waste products. They develop critical solutions on how to minimize the damages done to the environment during construction.

How to Be More Attractive to Recruiters 

Being more attractive to recruiters is essential to get yourself a suitable job in the sustainability field. You have to demonstrate your skills, and show them what you can do when given the opportunity. Moreover, when you are applying for a job, ensure that your resume has good reviews to persuade your recruiters. Additionally, it would also be best for you to use the services of an executive search company. BOB Search is one of the leading companies that seeks out executives in the aerospace and defense fields. 

Finally, the sustainability field is growing, and organizations continue to employ more sustainability professionals. Therefore, there are more chances for jobs in the sustainability field.

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