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Should Eco-Friendly Drivers Consider Audis With An Extended Warranty?

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Consumers all over the world are becoming more concerned about sustainability. This is changing their driving habits as well. You might not think this if you looked at the market for hybrid cars, which accounted for only 2% of all vehicles in 2017. However, there are a lot of other eco-friendly cars on the market, which are gaining popularity.

The Audi is one of the best eco-friendly vehicles to look at. The company has been committed to making sustainable vehicles for years.

In 2015, Audi created a new form of diesel from water and CO2. Last year, they partnered with Porsche to produce a new line of eco-friendly vehicles.

Consumers that care about sustainability are becoming more passionate about green cars, so the market for Audis is growing steadily. Sales will grow even faster as Audi grows its brand as a sustainable automobile.

However, customers still need to know that they are getting the money’s worth. This includes making sure they get the right warranty.

Benefits of the Right Warranty for Audis

Often the warranty of your car expires. Damage occurs before you know it, which means that you will be stuck paying for rather expensive bills. The customer has no choice except to shell out hundreds or thousands in unexpected auto repairs.

To prevent such a situation, you can purchase an extended warranty and get back your peace of mind. If you feel that you need to be pragmatic about preventing future auto repairs, here are things to keep in mind when purchasing an extended warranty for Audi.

Length of Warranty

If you are prone to replacing your car every couple of months, then you must see whether this extended warranty is required or not. Also, if your odometer already has like 40,000 miles or so on it, then it would not be very wise to invest your money in a warranty. You might have to dispose of the vehicle sooner or later so why take the initiative. You probably won’t get your money back.

The Backing of Warranty

You may have to see what company is responsible for backing the warranty that you are looking for. This is because you can only trust a few people with the quality of service given. Normally the manufacturers are able to provide you with a trustworthy service so if they are behind it then go ahead. You may also take the extended warranty from the dealership you purchased the vehicle from. However, if they have not given you a great service previously then you might have to think twice about it. You might want to get a different company to back the warranty instead.


Each warranty is going to be different from the others on the market. Only you can decide what kind of coverage you will want to get in return. Some warranties are tiered, while others that are less priced often offer limited benefits. You would have to see what your requirement is and then only pick one that fits the best.


Do not rush to buy the warranty from the dealership that you got the Audi. This is because they may offer you the same facility at a higher price. Take their quote and move on to other third-party teams and see if they are offering a lower quote. That way you save extra costs and ensure the service you receive is also good enough. However, do check online reviews before you finalize the deal!

A lot of companies are interested in offering warranties for sustainable vehicles, such as Audis. They realize that eco-friendly cars tend to be more resilient and get lower insurance rates, so there is more profit to be made from them. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a shortage of companies offering great warranties.

Your History

In case you are a person who most likely takes very good care of their vehicle then you may know that extended warranty is of no use. However, if you are living in a crowded place and the chances of damage are pretty high then consider buying one as it would save you a lot of trouble.

Extended warranties reduce your burden to a large extent. You should consider buying them only when you have kept the above-mentioned pointers in mind. You need to be careful about making a decision too quickly, which can often land you in trouble and cause a lot of extra expenses that you would rather not be saddled with. Check the terms and conditions of your warranty sincerely before giving a nod. This would ensure that the service provider remains truthful to you and your vehicle keeps working smoothly.

Make the Right Call with Your Eco-friendly Audi Warranty

Audis are some of the eco-friendliest vehicles on the road. You need to make sure that it is protected, because replacing your car early can leave a large carbon footprint. However, you need to be careful about buying an extended warranty that won’t save you money in the long run.


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