100 Reasons Cities are Winning the Climate Fight



Today the Cities100 publication, developed by Sustainia in collaboration with C40, a network of the world’s greatest cities taking action on climate change, and the philanthropic association Realdania, names 100 concrete city solutions to climate change that can be scaled and replicated across the world. These solutions have been found after reviewing more than 216 submissions from 94 cities across all regions in the world.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, the city is issuing green bonds to finance climate mitigation projects for more than $143 million, enabling them to accelerate the roll out of 42,000 building smart meters, 43,000 solar water heaters and deployment of 152 hybrid buses.

Meanwhile in Yokohama, Japan, the city is running out of land to depose of ash from waste incineration, and has initiated a plan that teaches manufacturers to use recycled and recyclable materials during production. The initiative also urges businesses to sell eco-friendly products and services, which will lead to fewer resources imported, used, and, ultimately, wasted, and has already reduced waste by 1.61 million tons. 

The 100 solutions point to the reality that meaningful action can, and is, taken outside of the national arena. City governments are smaller, more nimble than their national counterparts. They are directly accountable to their local constituents and are more invested in the people and places they serve.

Regardless of wealth or resources, size or location, cities around the world are learning from one another, adapting global best practices to fit local circumstances, and demonstrating they have the power to take action to build a smarter, more resilient, and resource-efficient world.

“Cities are the true change makers. In the new Cities100 publication, it is remarkable to see how creative solutions and developments in particularly financing, projects incentivizing behavior change and flexible transportation are pushing the standard perception of cities. They are not only making a difference for the planet, but also safeguarding the quality of life for their inhabitants.” says Laura Storm, CEO of think tank Sustainia behind the publication.

“Congratulation to all the cities selected to be presented in Cities100! This marks an important acknowledgement of both small and large cities’ commitment all over the world to fight climate change. And doing so in a way that serves as inspiration for others. As the growing urban population worldwide tells us, our future will be an urban one.

“Therefore we need the commitment from cites to make sure it can also be a sustainable one. Surely cities can’t fix climate change by themselves, but cities100 proves there is hope if they work together, and if they collaborate with nations, businesses, civil society and citizens.” Says Jesper Nygaard, CEO, Realdania

“In this urban age, it is simply not possible to tackle climate change without strong and urgent action in cities. Mayors have the opportunity to help set the world on a climate safe path. Fortunately, working together, they are up to the challenge.” Says Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40

By identifying 100 readily available solutions for cities the Cities100 partners wish to highlight the potential for transformation ahead of the much-anticipated climate change negotiations, COP21, in Paris from November 30 to December 11, 2015. The partners behind Cities100 are C40, Realdania, and Sustainia. The Cities100 publication will also be presented at the Sustainia COP21 event on December 6th in Paris.



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