5 Surprising business benefits of going green in USA



A lot of business individuals have the misconception that going green is something that will hurt their company’s bottom line. The truth is that there are many benefits to going green for businesses, especially in the United States. Not only is it possible for businesses to do their bit to help the environment, but these methods can also provide financial benefits. Here are five surprising business benefits of going green in the United States.


There is no doubt that a company can improve its image and branding if they take steps to “go green.” There are many buyers in the market that will choose a company’s products if they know this company is taking steps to reduce their footprint on our planet. These PR steps may involve reducing energy consumption, selling products that are specifically “greener” than the competition’s alternatives and donating money to charities or organizations that help the environment.

Saving Money:

By limiting energy consumption, companies can save a lot of money on a yearly basis. Whether this energy is being consumed at factories, office buildings or other locations, it is increasing the overhead for a company on an annual basis. For example, companies can improve their insulation at their buildings to ensure that they use less energy during the summer and winter months. By looking at the surface emissivity definition, companies can understand why surface emissivity is so important for insulation and saving money on energy consumption.

Healthier Environment:

Statistics show that companies will improve the productivity of their workers if they create a healthier environment for those employees. The Green Business Bureau in the United States performed studies that show around 20 percent decreases in employee sick days at companies that actively take steps to promote a healthier work environment. This is an incredible benefit that can result in massive cost savings on a yearly basis, especially if the employees are more productive in the days that they work.

Tax Credits:

The government does its part to reward companies that are showing signs of going green over the past few years. The stimulus plan from the United States government specifically rewards tax credits to companies that take part in certain green initiatives. For example, using renewable resources, electric or hybrid cars and other “green” activities can save companies money on their taxes.


As mentioned in the PR section, consumers are now more aware about how major companies negatively impact the environment. They take this into account when they are purchasing products and services on a daily basis. It makes the news when a company does something that negatively or positively impacts the environment. These consumers also want more products that are manufactured in a “green” manner, and they are willing to pay more money for these items.

The truth is that businesses around the United States can kill two birds with one stone if they pursue green alternatives to their current practices. Not only do they improve their image and make more money, but they take genuine steps towards helping the environment.


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