A 100% renewable Europe is possible, says lobby group



Europe lacks a clear strategy to become the first continent entirely committed to clean energy, but there are encouraging signs that something is changing, according to the Global Alliance for 100% Renewable Energy.

The lobby group includes several members of the clean energy industry, academics and members of the civil society and was founded by the World Future Council.

It  has called for European policymakers to act on renewable energy, in an effort to make Europe the first 100% renewable continent within the next 40 years.

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Anna Leidreiter of the World Future Council said, “The benefits of powering a society entirely with renewable sources reach far beyond the environmental and climate change advantages. The decentralised nature of the change literally means power to the people. There is major added value to our democracies.”

Leidreiter told RTCC that the challenge is usually mostly political.

Britain is a good (even though in a negative way) example how crucial political will is”, she added.

“The government’s current position on shale gas and nuclear power is another diversion from what should be a complete decarbonisation and sustainability commitment.”

Earlier this month, MPs in the House of Commons voted against a decarbonisation target for 2030 to be included in the energy bill. Those behind renewables claimed such a target would give investors the confidence to pump money into the UK sector.

Some European countries, such as Iceland and Germany, clean energy forms a major part of the energy mix. The objectives of politics and business need to be aligned in the UK for this to be replicated.

Stefan Gsänger, secretary general of World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) said, “During the last 15-20 years, some countries and regions have made remarkable progress in renewable energy deployment, but unfortunately the largest part of the world has missed this development and is now overdue to act as well.

“To break the inertia, we need a robust, global call for 100% renewable energy that creates urgently needed political will among policy makers around the globe.

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