Australian entrepreneur launches renewable energy retail bond



Australian renewables developer CBD Energy has unveiled a £7.5m bond issue for wind and solar projects, which will pay investors interest at a fixed rate of 7.5% per annum.

CBD, an Australian company that specialises in renewable energy projects and energy efficiency, has developed projects in almost every corner of the world. It will offer the bond through its UK arm, Energy Bonds.

At CBD, we focus on developing and building renewable energy solutions, enabling the use of clean energy in homes and businesses, across the globe”, managing director Gerry McGowan said.

By building and operating renewable energy generation assets, we aim to protect the environment and the climate, reduce dependence on energy imports, stabilise energy prices, reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.”

McGowan said he is keen to bring new renewable energy projects to the UK and that Energy Bonds will help develop solar and wind farms in sites that have already been identified.

Crowdfunded solar farms such as Westmill co-op already exist in the UK, while democratic clean energy platforms like Abundance Generation operate in a similar fashion to CBD’s bond issue,  by giving investors the chance to invest in debentures.

McGowan added, “Growing numbers recognise the need to develop new, cleaner energy sources. Energy Bonds represent an excellent opportunity to make a socially responsible investment in new green energy projects and to build a greener, cleaner future – for all of us.”

The bonds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Minimum subscription is set at £500, with no upper limit. Visit  for more information.

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