Friends Provident, Ecclesiastical and Aberdeen top ethical choices for advisers



Friends Provident, Ecclesiastical and Aberdeen are the most popular fund managers for financial advisers giving advice to clients on ethical investment, according to Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Voice of the Adviser survey.

Both Friends Provident and Ecclesiastical not only made it into the top three for choice, but also appeared on the table of fastest-rising choices, with 17% and 16% growth year on year respectively.

Other fast growers were Premier, Quilter Cheviot and WHEB.

In the annual Voice of the Adviser survey, advisers are asked to select all the asset managers they put in front of their clients as a sustainable, responsible or ethical choice. Fund performance and management has a material effect on adviser recommendation, so any endorsement is a useful barometer on favoured funds.

In accordance with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, Blue & Green Communications Limited does not provide regulated investment services of any kind, and is not authorised to do so. Nothing in this report and all parts herein constitute or should be deemed to constitute advice, recommendation, or invitation or inducement to buy, sell, subscribe for or underwrite any investment of any kind. Any specific investment-related queries or concerns should be directed to a fully qualified financial adviser.

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