Good Money Week goes live with new website



The build up to Good Money Week, a national campaign encouraging everyone to make more responsible and ethical investments and financial decisions, has begun with the launch of its new website.

Some tickets are now available for a range of events taking place across the country from October 19 – 25.

Hosted by the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF), this will be the first Good Money Week since its rebranding from National Ethical Investment Week. 

UKSIF say the change has been made to underline the inclusiveness of the campaign’s message – raising awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance to help everyone make good money choices.

This includes organisations and investors but extends to users of other services, such as current account holders.

“There are now an enormous number of ways for individuals to engage with their money and ensure their financial decisions can have a positive impact on the world,” explained UKSIF chief executive Simon Howard.

“Responsible investment has in the past mistakenly been perceived as a niche area. The recognition by financial experts of the risk to value stemming from factors such as climate change or unpopular tax structures, combined with growth in areas such as community funding for renewables and crowd funding, show why this is the right time to get people thinking about their finances in a broader way.” 

The events so far confirmed include the Good Money Week conference in Glasgow, held ahead of the campaign on October 4, and talks on Christian investment and investment in healthy food. Many more are yet to be announced.

UKSIF will also be holding events to put pressure on the government to support the ethical and responsible finance sector, such as a ‘write to your MP’ appeal and a hustings and reception on the Terrace Pavilion of the Houses of Parliament.

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