How cheaper international calls are helping businesses in Africa



Enterprise in Africa is growing, with a large number of businesses increasing in size and many companies emerging as international players. The developing continent is reaching out to the rest of the world and many European and American businesses are starting to establish links with African companies.

In the past, businesses in Africa were prevented from taking part in international trading and service provision because communication costs were so high. Intercontinental calling prices have always exceeded domestic calling charges, leaving companies in less developed areas struggling to keep up with the rest of the world. With cheaper mobile and land based calls available from services such as Planet Numbers, it is easier than ever for smaller businesses to forge links and open up new markets.

Being able to speak via the telephone is vital when doing business with people in other countries. An email is impersonal and doesn’t always convey the right message, while a conversation ensures that both parties get to have their say and reduces the chance of misunderstandings. Communication through the internet is also making a big difference to the way companies in Africa do business, and is linking partners domestically and internationally.

Saving costs – and the planet!

The savings made through cheaper international calls are of huge benefit to smaller businesses, and should give them an advantage when it comes to making trade connections. The lower calling costs are also going to have a big impact on the planet, reducing time spent travelling to overseas locations. Many corporations in the Western world use offshore companies for parts of their service delivery, and therefore need to be able speak with these outsourced departments at times.

High calling costs often meant it was more practical to travel to a location in person. With lowered calling costs, better signal throughout the world and a range of communicative innovations, virtual meetings are possible and more business can be done remotely. This is keeping people out of the air and reducing the flight time needed, which is a great way of reducing the planet’s carbon footprint.

We all want to make a more positive impact on the world, and linking us all together through cheaper international calls is one way to ensure that we can work for the benefit of the planet. Any innovation which delivers greener solutions is having a positive effect on the world, and we can all be grateful for that. In particular, cheaper calls mean that places where communication used to be difficult can now link with the rest of the world more easily and can build greater opportunities for working together.

As communication costs fall and telecommunications become accessible to all, we can start to benefit from the skills and talents developing countries have to offer.

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