To Retain Climate Credibility UK Government Must Ratify Paris Agreement



Following the debate in parliament on ratifying the Paris Agreement, Christian Aid has warned the Government if it delays then it runs the risk being left out in the cold. 

Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid’s Senior Climate Advisor, said: “Early ratification of the Paris Agreement will strengthen the UK’s international credibility and crucially allow it to participate in and influence the rules for implementation.

“With the USA, China and France already on board, every day that passes makes the UK look like it’s lagging behind.

“The UK government was crucial in delivering a successful outcome at Paris and it’s important they capitalise on that good work by ratifying by the Marrakesh summit on November 7.

“By doing so they will help the world cross the threshold of 55 countries, and help ensure the agreement enters into legal force before the US election and hedge us against any political risks.”

But he warned: “Ratifying Paris is only a first step. The UK needs to put those words into action swiftly by publishing a plan to get back on track with its climate commitments and attract much-needed low carbon investment.”


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