Selling Your Friends On Green Living



It’s one thing to choose green living for yourself and your family. You buy the right appliances, use the right energy sources, pick the right sustainable foods, and progress toward more environmental practices in general on a daily basis. The next step, though, is selling the idea of green living to your friends – that’s where the real impact is going to be!

So, if you’ve decided that you want to make the case to your closest friends, what are some things that you can say or do? Consider the following five methods, including making a legitimate business proposal, using hard facts, creating personal evidence, showing the benefit of social environmentalism, and using predictions about the future to help your case.

Learn How To Make a Business Proposal

Even without being a business person, understanding how to create a business proposal is a good skill for a person to have, and especially when you’re trying to make a case that another person should do something outside of their comfort zone, that may even cost a bit of money and reduce the sense of consumer convenience, the more professionally that you approach the conversation, the more likely you’re going to have a successful endeavor.

Use Hard Facts

Hard facts are an important part of making a case. And when it comes to green living, there are plenty of hard facts to back you up. You can point of thousands of ways that living green helps you as a person and the environment as a whole, and if you sequence all of these facts together correctly, you’ll have  a locked-down argument for progressive decisions.

Create Personal Evidence

And then, once you have the facts set, it’s time to start appealing to emotions. Environmentalism and green living is a very emotional topic for some people, especially ones who have children that don’t want to leave the Earth a worse place for their kids than they got it from their parents.

Show The Benefit of Social Interaction

And also, tell your friends that when you go green, you have something in common with other people and families that have gone green as well. It’s almost like a social club. Once you’ve started approaching the environment from a sustainable viewpoint, other like minded people will gather with you and create something like a set of social grounding to protect each other with.

Use Predictions About the Future To Help Your Case

And finally, there are plenty of dire predictions about the future that you can use as a scare tactic. Ocean levels rising, clouds blocking out the sun, holes in the ozone layer, these are all images that you can use when convincing others that green is the way to go!



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