63% of MPs recognise renewable energy benefits for UK economy



The majority of MPs agree that clean energy drives economic growth and creates significant employment opportunities, according to a new report that asks the government to “nurture the political consensus”.

The report, by the Dods Renewable Energy Dialogue, says that 63% of British MPs recognise that renewable energy benefits the UK’s economy, while 69% agree it would create jobs.

The report suggested that given the support that renewables have, both among politicians and the British public, the government should do more in terms of investment and policy framework.

It said that parties should join forces in widen the consensus on clean energy’s benefits, to convince those who are sceptical and help the UK develop a domestic supply chain for the renewables sector.

Labour’s shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex wrote in the report, “Renewable energy in the UK is a vigorous success story, but its victories are easily undone. The industry is right to expect clarity about government priorities.”

The Renewable Energy Association (REA), the largest trade body in the renewables space, has welcomed the figures but said that the consensus must turn into political action.

David Cameron must rise above short-term party politics and show leadership by backing national 2030 renewables targets. This will accelerate cost reductions, emissions savings and job creation”, said chief executive Nina Skorupska.

Secondly, we in industry need to engage more effectively with those who remain unconvinced of the benefits of renewables. We need to correct some common misunderstandings, but also raise our game to ensure that the benefits of renewables are realised within communities where developments take place.”

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