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Apple, Facebook and Google named as top green internet leaders



New research by Greenpeace has praised efforts by Apple, Facebook and Google to run a clean energy revolution on the internet, while Amazon is being left behind for its reliance on fossil fuels.

The report – Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet – said that if the internet  were a country, its electricity demand would be ranked sixth. This means that IT companies have a real chance to promote renewable energy for their operations.

According to Greenpeace, Apple, Facebook and Google are the companies that are leading the clean energy revolution on the internet. They all made huge investments to power their tools and facilities with renewable energy.

Gary Cook, Greenpeace senior IT analyst, commented, “Apple, Facebook and Google are powering our online lives with clean energy, and building a greener offline world for everyone in the process.

“These companies have proven over the past 24 months that wind and solar energy are ready and waiting to power the internet, and the rest of our economy, with clean electricity.”

In contrast, Amazon Web Services, which is a huge player in the market, only uses a small 15% clean energy, with coal accounting for 28% of its electricity mix.

Greenpeace has accused Amazon of causing the construction of coal and gas-burning power plants in Virginia. The organisation added that the company refused to reveal data on the environmental footprint of its operations.

Cook added, “Apple’s rapid shift to renewable energy over the past 24 months has made it clear why it’s one of the world’s most innovative and popular companies. By continuing to buy dirty energy, Amazon Web Services not only can’t seem to keep up with Apple, but is dragging much of the internet down with it.”

Photo: Brandon Carson via flickr

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