Carbon Trust: UK can help China unlock wind power potential



Britain’s knowledge and experience on offshore wind development could provide important support to China in its plans to increase its renewable energy production and phase out polluting coal-fired power plants, according to new report.

The Carbon Trust, along with the Chinese Wind Energy Association and CECEP Wind-Power Corporation, have released a series of recommendations for the Chinese wind sector, amid attempts by the country to decarbonise its economy.

The report’s suggestions draw on developments in the UK sector, which is a world leader in offshore wind. It suggests China engages with European projects, through co-investment, establishing wind farm marine zones, establishing capital grants scheme and developing research programmes.

Commenting on the report, Al-Karim Govindji of the Carbon Trust said, “China’s offshore wind resource is significant and will be critical for the country to help meet its rising energy demand through developing low carbon energy sources. 

“The UK has an important role in offering its experience and learning to ensure that China’s vast resource is efficiently exploited.  Innovation across a number of areas will be essential to ensure targets are met and to drive cost reduction across the whole sector.”

The report also outlined a series of suggestions for China to overcome technological issues, such as the reliability of turbines, lack of skills for installation and the condition of the seabed.

China is taking significant measures to decarbonise its energy sector and fight pollution, which is heavily affecting its citizens and the environment. In an effort to move away from coal power, it recently signed a multi-billion pound gas deal with Russia and revealed plans to increase the production of renewable energy, for instance by tripling targets for solar power generation.

Photo: Nick Cross via Flickr

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