Co-operative Energy to sponsor Community Energy Fortnight



Co-operative Energy has announced it will be supporting a 2014 event focused on sustainability and energy efficiency organised by the Community Energy Coalition (CEC).

Community Energy Fortnight, which is back for a second year in September, will give the public the opportunity to visit community energy projects, such as solar parks or wind farms.

CEC is a group of various civil society organisations led by Forum for the Future, which includes the Church of England and National Trust.

Community Energy Fortnight will try to bring people close to the community projects in their area, opening the doors of solar parks and wind farms, to show locals how these are benefiting the community while generating clean energy.

Co-op Energy will be holding a community energy conference in Birmingham around the same time in September and has announced support for the event.

Ramsay Dunning, group general manager at Co-operative Energy, said, “We are at the forefront of sourcing our power from community energy providers. We believe that the community ownership of clean energy projects empowers them to decide upon and manage their initiatives in locally appropriate ways and keeps the profits generated within the community.

“Following on from last year’s event, the world’s first Community Energy Fortnight, we were keen to assist in making this year’s event even more successful. Which is why we are proud to be playing such a central role by sponsoring the 2014 event.”

Giles Bristow, director of programmes at Forum for the Future, added, “The fortnight is inspiring people across the UK to do something really positive to build a more sustainable energy system from the grassroots up, and the CEC is working hard to create the right conditions for it to flourish so we can help bring our members’ vision of more resilient communities to life.”

Recent analysis suggested that community energy projects needed more resources and clearer policy framework to help meet clean energy goals, as the government’s Community Energy Strategy does not go far enough.

Community Energy Fortnight runs from September 13-28.

Photo:  Hepburn Wind via Flickr

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