Commercial EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates)



If you have a commercial property or a non-dwelling that you are selling or letting you are legally required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). A commercial EPC provides potential buyers or tenants with a graded rating for the energy efficiency of your property from A, the maximum grade, down to G for the least efficient. Typically a commercial EPC will be included with any written information that is provided to the prospective buyer or tenant, during a viewing or in an auction catalogue (if applicable).

For buildings that are of both commercial and residential use, independent assessments must be conducted. Commercial buildings consisting of multiple independently let units, individual EPCs must be provided. In addition, commercial properties must also display an EPC if you own a commercial building that is over 500 square meters and is publicly accessible.

You do not require a commercial EPC if the property is scheduled to be demolished; a detached building below 50 meters square; a place of worship; a temporary building for use for 2 years or less; a listed building in which the minimum energy performance requirements would cause alterations or damage to the property or a non-residential industrial/agricultural building that has low energy demand.

If you require a commercial EPC but fail to provide one you may face a penalty fee of between £500 and £5,000 depending on the value of the building. Trading Standards require a commercial EPC to be commissioned within 7 days of placing a property on the market, and will impose a fine if it cannot be demonstrated that a commercial EPC has been registered within 28 days. Penalties may also be reviewed if requested and may also be appealed to your local county court within 28 days of receiving your confirmed penalty.

To apply for a commercial EPC you will need to contact your nearest accredited non-domestic energy assessor an organise a review. A given EPC is then valid for up to 10 years or until a review is requested.


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