#COP21: Good Energy CEO Juliet Davenport on Climate Change Conference



Good Energy is a green energy company, generating and selling 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses across the UK. Their mission is to support change in the energy market, tackle climate change and boost energy security. Good Energy has consistently been ranked top or second in Which? energy company customer satisfaction surveys for the past four years. Good Energy invests in renewable energy including wind, solar, hydro and tidal.

Juliet Davenport said: “World leaders in Paris need to come up with a cohesive approach to deal with the threat of climate change – it’s never been more urgent. It’s simple maths: we can’t emit 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below two degrees of warming. Things have to change.

“Our governments have to put aside national self-interest and show real leadership to pull together an agreement that everyone can buy into and benefit from to protect our people and our planet.


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